Suggested Reading
Summer 2019 Rising to 7th Grade Suggested Titles

You're moving up to Avon Middle School? Check out this collection including realistic fiction, fantasy, and graphic novels that was booktalked at Thompson Brook! 

Summer 2019 Rising to 6th Grade Suggested Titles

Try these 12 books that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. From secret spies to small spaces, you won't be able to put these great books down! 

Summer 2019 Middle School Suggested Titles

In the middle school and looking for something good to read this summer? We've got you covered! Try any of these great picks you won't be able to put down.

Mrs. Kari Ann's "Deep Dark" List

Looking for a creepy and hair-raising tale to read in the dark this summer? Look no further than this series of 13 books just as spooky as Goosebumps!

Mr. Jack's "Fantastic Fantasy" List

Do you like to read epic fantasy novels like Mr. Jack the Intern? Read these magical books that include spells, swords, dragons, goblins and many more. Prepare to believe in the impossible! 

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